Buyer Services

Our exclusive buyer agency provides professional services to the buyer. In most cases there is no cost to the buyer to be professionally represented with his home purchase. We have over 10,000 properties available from which to choose and are committed to performing with buyer’s best interest as our primary focus.


  • Pre-Home Search Consultation We will determine the needs, affordability, and requirements of buyer and develop and implement aggressive home purchase plan to overcome any and all obstacles.
  • Loan Program Selection With over 101 ways to finance a home there is one best way for each buyer. We will
    identify options and assist in selection of the “Best” mortgage program.
  • Mortgage Lender Selection With literally hundreds of mortgage brokers and bankers available, we will assist in selection of “Best” source for selected mortgage program.
  • Pre-Approval of Mortgage By having our buyers pre-approved for their mortgage, prior to house hunting, we can go to the negotiating table with greater strength and confidence.
  • Computerized Unlimited House Search We will select from approximately 10,000 existing and new homes available that meets your desires, needs, and price.
  • Home Preview From homes identified through our computerized house search, we will arrange for personal preview of the ones you desire to see. Advance arrangements will be made for easy and quick access to all selected homes to maximize your time on each house-hunting excursion.