Our property management systems have grown out of the personal management experiences of our privately owned properties. We have been landlords and investors for twenty-five plus years. We are a small, but efficient company. We presently manage about 150 single-family homes. Our services include the following:


  • Tenant Placement – We attract a large number of tenant prospects from our advertising, Internet presence, and word of mouth referrals.

    Prior to placing a tenent, we require Credit Reports, Police Reports, and Landlord Background Checks.

  • Day-to-Day Management – We handle security deposits, tenant requests, repairs, collections, and all other day-to-day activities of managing our clients’ properties. We can direct deposit rents in the client’s bank account, and even make the monthly mortgage payment.

  • Inspections – Our maintenance department inspects every property twice a year to maintain the property in its best condition. An ounce of prevention can save many dollars in serious repairs later on.

  • Evictions – On rare occasions, a tenant needs to be removed from the property. Non-payment of rent, suspicion of illegal activities, lack of care for the home, or any other breach of the contract may result in evicting the tenant. We will handle the court filing and other details of the legal process.

  • Repairs and Maintenance – We contract all repairs and maintenance through our “Maintenance and Construction Division”. We handle all repairs and maintenance in a cost efficient manner. Specialized repair needs (electricians, plumbers, HVAC, etc) are handled by licensed contractors. A 15% administration fee and overhead is charged on all invoices paid on behalf of the owner. Owner has option of using outside contractors for any repairs or maintenance. We will arrange to get them access to property and owner’s contractor will bill owner direct.

  • Management Fees – We charge a monthly fee of 8% rents collected. If a property is vacant or no rent is collected, we do not charge a fee for that month. We also charge a one-time initial fee of ½ of a full month’s rent for new properties ($250 minimum), deducted from the first months rent. $250 lease fee is charged when replacing new tenant and negotiating new lease for property. We pay for all advertising, and cost of office support services expended on the behalf of our clients. Repair expenses, legal expenses, utilities, or any other expense incurred are passed along to landlord/owner usually deducted from the following months rent or billed to the owner, in the event rents are less than the expenses.